Oregano Health Benefits

What Are The Health Benefits Of Oregano?

Health Benefits: The ancient Greek been oregano contains both culinary as well as medicinal value. It produces elite flavors and cures mystical disorders. You can easily spot a 50 centimeters tall plant with purple leaves. The presence of components such as ocimene, limonene, thymol, makes oregano the unique medicinal herb.

Possible Health Benefits Of Oregano

What Are The Health Benefits Of Oregano?
What Are The Health Benefits Of Oregano?

Oregano is said to horde antibacterial, anticancer and antimicrobial properties. It can cure any gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory conditions, cramps, and urinary infections. It also provides relief from major skin ailments.

1. Property Against Bacteria:

Oregano has in-built component carvacrol, which contains antimicrobial property.  In a recent study, scientists found that oregano produces valuable essential oils. Also, oregano contains that kills 41/strains of pathogenic food bacteria. Another team of scientists reported that Himalayan oregano’s essential oils have strong antimicrobial properties.

2. Protection Against Cancer:

A 2013 study stated that oregano also contains an anticancer property. A group of scientists found that the oregano plant helps in combating breast cancer through slow and blocked progression. Now, a recent study found that medicinal yet culinary herbs have properties that can cure type 2 diabetes.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

According to Swiss And German scientists, oregano contains a dietary contain called beta-caryophyllin (E-BCP). This component is said to cure disorders such as arteriosclerosis and osteoporosis.

4. Other Health Beneficiaries:

According to Natural Medicine Database, oregano can heal a lost of illness and diseases such as:

  • The best medicine to cure muscle pain, cold sores, fatigues, and acne
  • It cures menstrual cramps headaches, dandruff, and earaches
  • Also said to cure bronchitis, allergies, a heart condition, and intestinal parasites.
  • The best insect repellent you can use.

Here are a few benefits of oregano essential oils:

  • A drop of oregano necessary oil cures cold and sinus infections.
  • An excellent remedy for nail or toe fungus. Just soak your feet in water containing a few drops of the essential oil and relax and enjoy your evening.  You can also apply diluted oil over your feet. You can combine oregano oil with other carrier oils for a better effect and benefits.

Health Benefits: Few Nutritional Value Of Oregan

What Are The Health Benefits Of Oregano?
What Are The Health Benefits Of Oregano?

The use of oregano in your cooking can be highly beneficial. It is a herb that goes well with sauces, meat, pizza, and salad. Before you use them, know their nutritional value.

1. Oregano has multiple nutrients present. A spoonful of dried oregano contains:

  • Almost 0.33 milligrams of Vitamin E, and 11.3 milligrams of Vitamin K
  • It gives 0.8 grams of fiber and five calories of energies.
  • It contains minerals like potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, and magnesium.

2. The in-built production of Vitamin K helps in bone growth, maintains bone density, and produces blood clotting properties.

3. The presence of calcium helps in strengthening bones and teeth.

4. The herb is a vital source of rich antioxidants. These protect the cells from free radicals and improves your body to fight against any infections.

Health Benefits: Few Risks On Consuming Oregano

In some, consumption of oregano leads to stomach upset problems. Few people get allergic to any plants that belong to the Lamiaceae family, and oregano is also one such plant.

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