ProLon Fasting Diet – Healthy Aging And Weight Loss


Prolon is an exceptionally powerful ingredient you’ll find in ProLon diet pills. It is derived from a woody plant commonly found in the Pacific Northwest, Europe, and southern United States. It is considered a food or “food source” by many cultures. Some of its healing and therapeutic qualities are attributed to its high phytochemical content. Phytochemicals are powerful antioxidants capable of fighting a variety of diseases, including cancer. ProLon Nutraceuticals has made breakthroughs in the area of treating prostrate cancer, proving that it is an effective treatment.

All-Natural Ingredients

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“ProLon Experience” is an exceptionally comprehensive meal kit that integrates all-natural ingredients in ways that stimulate healthy bowel motion and intestinal contractions. It is designed for men and women over forty years of age who wish to improve their health and vitality through a complete daily supplement. A meal kit can include everything needed for a healthy, low-calorie, anti-aging diet, including ProLon meal replacement drinks, a quality multi vitamin formula, probiotics, prebiotics, herbal tea, a colon cleanser, a detoxifying mask, a premium multi-mineral liquid, and other supplements and specialty foods. As well as a great selection of products designed to support healthy eating habits, this longo meals kit has a unique line of healthy snack and energy bars that provide you with sustained energy during the day. You can enjoy delicious meals without worrying about portion size with ProLon’s snack bars.

In order to transition your body from day to night, your system needs a drastic change. Fasting for five days, allows your body to rejuvenate itself from the stresses of the day and put your mind and body into a restful state. It also increases the efficiency at which your metabolism works, resulting in weight loss. By switching to a five-day fast you are taking a giant leap in your goal to lose weight.

Number Of Calorie Burns

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One of the key benefits of a fast is the large number of calories your body burns while you are fasting. After your first few days of consuming the ProLon shakes, your body will be used to its optimal calorie burning capacity. Your metabolism will burn calories at a higher rate than normal. The great thing about the carbohydrates in ProLon shakes is that they are broken down slowly, allowing you to feel fuller for longer periods of time. You will not be filling up quickly, like you would if you were trying to lose twenty pounds by eating a fast of twenty calories per hour.

No Craving

With increased energy, you will notice that you no longer crave foods high in fat. Even after a few days of drinking the ProLon shakes, you will not be hungry. You will notice that you have a lean body mass and will be able to lose more weight, while keeping the lean body mass as it leaves your body. A fast can lead to metabolic health benefits, which means increased energy and weight loss.

Last Words

Prolon is currently being evaluated in clinical trials for use in patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. The company plans to launch clinical trials in other countries in the near future as well. However, the best way to receive the benefits of ProLon is to start a quality product and drink it daily. The company has received positive reviews from customers like yourself, who have found it to be an effective and safe method of achieving healthy aging and wellness. Don’t wait for the next clinical trial to try a healthy aging diet like ProLon.

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