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kapha body type

The Kapha body type is recognized for their boldness, vigor and amazing character which command and require great attention. Kaphas are very stable, confident, reliable and non-judgmental, which makes them ideal candidates for sales jobs. They possess the highest energy and the highest stamina as against all other physique types. These qualities make them excellent in every facet of life. Some of the typical traits of a Kapha are as follows:

Slow Digestion-The slow digestion rate of the kapha body type enables it to easily assimilate food and build muscles. This characteristic enables them to consume food in large quantities without gaining fat. It possesses good levels of metabolism, which helps in building muscle mass. People who possess alpha slow digestive system are often lean with good muscle development.

An Overview

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Low alpha energy-The low kapha energy means that the person has a low capacity to generate muscular force or energy. This characteristic is generally caused by genetic weakness and accumulation of toxins. This imbalance results in poor functioning of the liver, kidney and lungs, which further affects the alpha metabolism. People who suffer from alpha energy disorder possess poor muscle development, slow digestion, lack of mental clarity and are generally slow moving.

Oily Skin-The oily skin of kapha body types is generally associated with hyperthyroidism and thyroid problems. The hyperthyroidism arises due to excess thyroid hormones and the thyroid gland enlarges. The enlarged gland produces more hormone which causes the skin to swell and becomes oily. The kapha dosha problem leads to increased secretion of oil by the skin glands. People who suffer from this characteristic have dry and wrinkled complexions on the neck, chin, forehead, chest and back. Their faces become dull and wrinkled.

Calm Personality-The calm personality of a person in this type of body type is usually caused by the accumulation of mental trauma. The trauma may be caused by too much stress or failure of some major task. The person gets depressed and experiences anxiety for the rest of his life. This characteristic enables people who suffer from kapha dosha to stay calm and relaxed for a long time.

Kapha Body Type Indicator

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Solid Stomach – The solid stomach of the kapha body type tends to function better if the person is exercising regularly and consuming a balanced diet. This characteristic enables them to retain their energy for longer durations. The person eats small quantities but maintains regular blood sugar level. He also tends to feel less hungry after meals.

Solid Stomach with Kapha Bowel – The person suffering from this characteristic tends to be calm and relaxed and has average bowel movement. When he is nervous or under stress, he suffers from problems related to digestion. This characteristic enables kapha body type people to get proper nutrition and stay fit. They do not suffer from bloating, headaches, constipation or other gastrointestinal disorders.

Abnormal Heartbeat – The abnormal heartbeats of these people are caused by the imbalance of the left ventricular rhythm and the kapha dosha. This problem affects their nervous system and they become nervous and tense all the time. They can experience fainting, sweating, shaking and palpitations. They may also feel chills and hear an unusual sound.

Normal Blood Pressure – The normal blood pressure of a kapha body type individual is in the normal range. These individuals usually have normal bone structure and muscular skeletal system. They do not have major cardiovascular disease and they do not have major pulmonary problems. They do not suffer from kidney diseases and they have normal lymphatic system.

Bottom Line

Unbalanced Foods Tend To Be Consumed – A large number of the people with this body type consume food items that are high in fat, salt and sugar. Due to the excessive production of glucose in the body, they generally have problems with glycemic index. Foods tend to be high in protein, fat, carbohydrate and acidic. When they do not get appropriate amounts of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, they will suffer from deficiencies.

As a conclusion, all three doshas tend to be balanced in kapha type individuals. However, these three dosha types have different consequences for an individual when they are not balanced. When the dosha is out of balance, it leads to various kinds of illnesses. When the dosha is in balance, it can lead to improved appearance and increase energy levels. And lastly, if the dose is very high, it can lead to longevity.

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