Ayurvedic Massage Oil – How to Choose the Perfect One For You

ayurvedic massage oil

Ayurvedic massage is a healing system that uses essential oils for healing purposes. There are several different types of essential oils used in Ayurvedic massage oil. They are Bhringaraj, Musta, Triphala, Chitrak and Odbanj. It is believed that all these oils have healing properties and should be applied for maximum effect. Some of them act directly on the skin, while some others help in improving the immune system of the body, improve digestion and increase blood flow.

Some of these oils can be applied on the muscles and other parts of the body, while some are better when they are massaged into the skin. For example, Musta oils can be massaged on the muscles but must not be applied on the skin. When massaged into the skin, they act directly on the muscles and stimulate the same. However, if you apply a small quantity of bhringaraj on your skin, it acts directly on the muscles as well as on the nerves. It is highly recommended that one should not apply any oils directly onto the skin if he or she wants to see positive results.

An Overview

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There are several herbs that are used in ayurvedic massage oil. These are Sesame oil, Khurasani oil, Bhringaraj and Musta oils. All these are considered as important ayurvedic herbs or primary ingredients. Sesame oil is the most commonly used herb in Ayurvedic oils due to its anti-inflammatory property and ability to act as a mild astringent. This is highly recommended for the treatment of knotted and strained muscles.

Khurasani oil is highly beneficial as it has soothing and regenerative effects on the skin. In addition, it has the ability to relieve strained and cramp muscles as well as reduce redness and irritation of the skin. In addition, it has been found to be effective in improving the mobility of the affected muscles. This is why it is regularly used in ayurvedic massage oil.

Ayurvedic Massage Oil

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Bhringaraj is another ayurvedic oil that can be used in Ayurvedic body massage. It is derived from the bark of Aspalathus Coelaginous. It can be used either as a pure essential oil or in a blend of other aromatic oils. This herb is highly recommended for treating constipation. Apart from this, it has many other therapeutic properties. For example, it has been found to be very effective for treating arthritis and digestive disorders.

Other than these, there are also several other herbal oils that are excellent for stimulating the mental, spiritual, as well as the physical senses of an individual. These qualities make these oils highly valuable for treating ailments related to the senses. Many people have come to recognize the healing properties of these essential oils. Therefore, Ayurvedic doctors recommend using such herbal oils during body massage.

Sesame oil is yet another popular ayurvedic herbal oil that is used in Ayurvedic self-massage. One of the major benefits of this oil is that it does not cause any allergic reaction. This makes it suitable for daily massage as it does not contain harmful chemicals. Another notable quality of sesame oil is that it reduces swelling after a good self-massage. Moreover, this oil increases the blood circulation rate which improves overall health.

Bottom Line

When purchasing this herbal oil, you need to ensure that it is completely pure as there are several manufacturers who add some amount of coloring agent in order to improve its appearance and nutrient concentration. Moreover, it is important to choose an oil that is derived from pure source and not synthesized. The most ideal choice of oil for daily massage is sweet almond oil as it contains high levels of vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids. There are other beneficial oils which can be chosen if you want to increase the nourishing qualities of your massage. However, it is best to know which is the best for your body type before you purchase any specific brand.

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