Ayurveda Recipes – Amazing Approaches To Eating Healthy With Ayurvedic Medicines

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There are hundreds of Ayurveda recipes around the world. These recipes have evolved through the ages to include the needs and wants of the people who create them. One such recipe is the one for Bread and Milk. In this article you will learn about how to make a delicious and nutritious homemade Ayurveda bread using ingredients commonly found at home.

Basic Ingredients

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Ingredients that you will need are: organic white and brown sugar, lemon juice, honey, salt, eggs, nonfat dry milk, unrefined yeast, dry fruits, flaxseed oil and water. First of all, you must soak the washed grains in water for half an hour or more to get rid of any dirt and then drain off the water. Next, boil some water in a pan and then add the grains, sugar and honey. Leave it overnight to cool. The next day, you can put the cleaned grains in a clean crockery bag and tie it with a piece of string so that it does not spill its contents all over the kitchen.

When it comes to making Bread and Milk, you can use either a traditional or modern non-stick pan, a wooden or metal mixing bowl and a clean crockery bag. The recipe book that comes with the Ayurveda recipes always specifies which pan to use. So it would be wise to follow that. First of all, place the sugar in the pan and then bring it to the boil. Then place in the egg and keep stirring until the sugar is dissolved.

Add The Honey

A plate of food on a table

Once this is done, you can now add the honey and the milk and let it steep for some time. Then you can switch off the flame and cover the container. Let the grains cool and then use the clean crockery bag to wrap it in a cotton cloth, before tying it tightly. After that, store the grains in a separate container so that you do not heat them up. Now, you have plenty of fresh and tasty dairy products at your disposal.

Apart from those mentioned above, there are many other ayurvedic recipes that you can try out. As mentioned above, one of these is the use of Honey. This is used as an excellent alternative to the traditional sweeteners like cane sugar and maple syrup, and it is also beneficial for people who are lactose intolerant or the elderly. In fact, honey can be consumed any time of the day, as it is equally good for both young and old. This is one reason why Ayurveda encourages the use of Honey in the diet.

Use Sugar

Sugar, though a luxury food item in Ayurveda, is still of great importance. It is useful in treating a variety of stomach complaints including indigestion, acidity, diarrhoea and flatulence. In fact, Ayurvedic recipes for treating stomach complaints are made using sugar in a combination of different flavors. The following are some of the most popular recipes made with sugar, one of the five elements. When prepared as per the instructions of the different ayurvedic recipes, these foods make excellent snacks:

Final Words

If you are a fan of spicy food, then you should definitely try out these recipes for delicious spicy beverages. The first one on the list is the Kalawa (or black cherry) tea. This is mildly spicy with the taste of cinnamon and ginger. To prepare this tea, boil medium sized pieces of ginger in a cup of small quantities of boiled water. You can add a pinch of rock salt to enhance the flavor.

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